Quote of the Day, The DNC Is Now Quoting GWB Favorably edition.

I’m not going to show you the commercial that attempts to use Bush to attack Republicans, but you can watch it here. This is all that you need to really know about it, though:

I’ve played this three times and still can’t believe I’m watching an ad from the Democratic Party pointing at George W. Bush as a role model on how to think about terrorism. The punchline is, Bush himself mentioned “radical Islam” in his presidential rhetoric; he even used it in the State of the Union, for cripes sake. He used the adjective “radical” because he wanted to suggest a distinction between “real” Islam and the version preached by jihadis — which is the same thing the Republican candidates featured in the ad are doing. It’s these DNC imbeciles, not the GOPers in the ad, who are effectively equating Islam with “radical Islam” by refusing to acknowledge the distinction.

…because, really: the important thing is that any hardcore antiwar Lefties who watched the video in question likely died a little inside from viewing it. This is what the Democratic party thinks of your opinions, oh progressives!  This is their assessment of how worthy your efforts were from 2001 to 2009!