‘I will not be shaking his hand tonight…’

That will probably be the most quoted line from the Rand Paul / Jack Conway debate last night, and for good reason: it represents a rather drastic line in the sand drawn against the scurrilous and vituperative wave of attacks made by progressive Democrats desperate to keep their tottering Congressional majorities.  The video:


What Dr. Paul is referring to is this exceptionally offensive and cynical attempt by the Conway campaign to provoke religious bigotry in Kentucky voters.  As Ed Morrissey noted at the link, one of the things that made said ad so… pettily nasty… was that Conway not only attacked Paul’s personal religious beliefs; he went after Paul’s opposition to funding faith-based initiatives.  Given the way that progressives in the last decade had gone after such things hammer and tongs themselves – at least, when there was a Republican in office – I think that we can safely assume then that their opposition was a flat-out lie. Continue reading ‘I will not be shaking his hand tonight…’

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I’m not saying that you have to go Full Metal Pachyderm or anything; but come on. Wouldn’t you rather see Rand Paul in that Senate seat? Honestly and truly? At least he’s not insulting your intelligence like the way that this Conway guy is.

Seriously.  One little bit of independence from the Democratic party line won’t do you any harm.

Moe Lane

PS: Rand Paul for Senate.

Moe Lane