Interview: Rep. Kevin McCarthy and NRCC recruitment.

As the timestamp shows, we actually had this interview earlier in the month; given that Rep. McCarthy has been doing a series of posts about his road trips on behalf of candidates this election season, I decided that it was long past time that I got the interview actually up. In it we talk about the general details of recruitment, and how it’s been going this cycle.

The NRCC’s site is here.

Moe Lane (Crosspost)

NRCC outrecruits DCCC with female candidates.

Way to bury the ledes there, WaPo.

I suppose that I should be nicer. After all, the Washington Post bothered to actually report that there has been a heavy surge in female recruitment by the GOP this cycle (H/T: The New Ledger):

Nearly two years after Sarah Palin became the Republican Party’s first female nominee for vice president, record numbers of Republican women are running for House seats, driving the overall count of women running for both the House and the Senate to a new high.

The surge in female candidates has taken place largely under the radar. The previous high came in 1992, the “Year of the Woman” that pushed the percentage of women in Congress into the double digits for the first time. That year, 222 women filed to run for the House and 29 for Senate contests.

So far this year, 239 women are candidates for the House and 31 for the Senate, according to data from the Rutgers Center for American Women and Politics.

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