#rsrh #MSNBC’s Rachel @maddow forced to retract Scott Brown plagiarism charge. [UPDATED]

Oh, this is embarrassing: apparently, a hardcore Lefty group had made the claim that incumbent Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown had plagiarized a somewhat obscure Democratic candidate for North Carolina state Senate.  If you’re asking yourself why Brown would do something like that, congratulations: you’re showing one of the traits necessary to make a go with it in New Media.  To wit, the ability to keep asking questions rather than just accept the first answer.  In this case, it turns out that the aforementioned Democratic candidate (Hi, Earline Parmon!) had ripped off Scott Brown, not the other way around*. This revelation unfortunately comes too late for Rachel Maddow, who had to post an embarrassing retraction after accusing the Senator of plagiarism.  As you can imagine, Red Mass Group** is taking a victory lap on this one.

Now, what was that brag of the mainstream media, again?  “Layers of editors and fact-checkers,” or something like that?

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