04/10/21 Revisions, MORGAN BAROD.

Chewed through the Vampire City, fixed it up all nice and proper, and… there are extensive reader notes on Chapter 20 and 21. I seem to recall feeling vaguely eager to speed on through, and get on to the next part. WELP, I’M GONNA PAY THE PRICE FOR THAT NOW!

Seriously, though, this is moving along pretty good. I might have the first write-through squared away by the end of next week. Then it’s beta-reader time!

04/08/21 Revisions, MORGAN BAROD.

So, I took a nap; and when I woke up, I realized that my alpha reader’s complaint about certain shenanigans in the Vampire City of Red Bank were in fact justifiable, and that I agreed with her. Fortunately, the nap also told me what to substitute for said shenanigans, which will allow me to keep both the fight scene and the… other one. So that’s what I’m likely working on this weekend. I’m also thinking of making the business at Red Bank this month’s Patreon story, so there’s that.


04/06/21 Revisions, MORGAN BAROD.

Finished Part I! Which was originally twice the size in the draft, but MORGAN BAROD is a three-part novel, not a two-part one. Also had to do some serious rewrites of one character there, but it was necessary. This is why alpha and beta readers are a thing: the book’s better, once I swallowed my pride.

I’ve started in on Part II, which is also “Morgan Barod and the Eldritch Tome” in TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION. Which means, naturally, that I am thoroughly sick of seeing it at this point. Edits and edits and more editing later…

04/05/21 Revisions, MORGAN BAROD.

Chapters 7 through 10. The next one is gonna require some serious revision, though: my alpha reader flat-out refused to buy the identity of one character. I’d fight it, except that she’s right, and we both know it. That’s gonna mean a name swap and some text rewrites, but that’s all right. They call them ‘drafts’ for a reason.