#rsrh FM radio in your iPhone!

Go have a drink before you read this.  And be grateful that the six-pack of beer doesn’t have a clay pot attached that’s full of slowly fermenting barley mash.


Music labels and radio broadcasters can’t agree on much, including whether radio should be forced to turn over hundreds of millions of dollars a year to pay for the music it plays. But the two sides can agree on this: Congress should mandate that FM radio receivers be built into cell phones, PDAs, and other portable electronics.

Via Penny Arcade, who responded more or less as you might expect.

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Another for the ‘Libertarians for Obama’ file.

You know: the circular one. Via Slashdot:

Despite having had some time to get their act together, Obama’s Department of Justice has filed yet another brief defending the RIAA’s outlandish statutory damages theory — that someone who downloaded an mp3 with a 99-cent retail value, causing a maximum possible damages of 35 cents, is liable for from $750 to $150,000 for each such file downloaded, in SONY BMG Music Entertainment v. Tenenbaum.

Not that anybody should have believed that errant nonsense in the first place, of course: expecting a Democrat to favor less government in anything is more or less the Platonic Ideal of an oxymoron.  They’re not really permissive of other people’s customs or viewpoints, you know.  It’s just that a couple of the customs and viewpoints that they’re ferociously attempting to impose happen to overlap with some of those of the libertarians’.

Just the messenger, folks.  Just the messenger.

Moe Lane

PS Via Instapundit, and Glenn is hitting this theme himself today.