Hi! Are you a representative of the insurance industry? READ THIS. #obamacare

Anyway, this is Ace of Spades HQ’s response to Blue Cross/Blue Shield’s recent bout of fearmongering.  Basically, the insurance industry is anticipating a bailout if they lose too much money over Obamacare, which is what they are on track to do – and the insurers are even now suggesting that if there isn’t a bailout then single-payer is right around the corner.

They’re saying this to spook us so that we will agree to pay them off and make them whole over the corrupt, and now unprofitable, bargain they struck with Obama.

I say we roll the dice.

…that is going to be a very popular sentiment among Republican voters and pundits. Right now a de facto bailout is baked into the Obamacare cake – but it will not be popular when (not ‘if’) it gets invoked, and I for one didn’t sign off on the original shakedown agreement between the Democratic party and the insurance industry.  Besides, the Democratic party will be no more competent at getting single-payer implemented than it has been at any other facet of the Obamacare debacle.

I certainly hope that the above attitude scares insurers and the Left.  It is meant to.  Those people need to start taking this situation seriously.

Moe Lane