Book of the Week: FIFTH IMPERATIVE.

I have no idea if Robin D. Laws’ FIFTH IMPERATIVE is ever making it over to Amazon. I’m guessing it probably won’t, which is a shame, because the first book in the series (THE MISSING AND THE LOST) is a tight Carcosian-style thriller yet in Pelgrane Press’s YELLOW KING RPG universe. I’ve been waiting to read the sequel since forever.

Moe Lane

PS: Yes, no Amazon links and yet I’m putting it up anyway. That’s how much I liked the first book.

Two days left on the Hillfolk Bundle of Holding.

I’m not getting HILLFOLK because I backed the Kickstarter, way back when. Basically, the game is for roleplaying interpersonal conflict in a particular group of people; it is redeemed from being tiresome by the fact that Robin Laws is a no-fooling genius when it comes to game design. If you’re looking for something new — well, it’s a Bundle of Holding, so you can pick up a lot of PDFs on the cheap.

Robin D. Laws doing an AMA on Reddit, for you Redditers.

I got tipped off about this via email: legendary (that should disconcert him) game designer Robin D. Laws is doing one of Reddit’s Ask Me Anything threads.  This is one of the ones that apparently goes on for an entire week, so if you wanted to, ah, ask Robin anything about the seemingly-endless stream of groundbreaking games that he keeps insisting on making, now would be the time.  He’ll be popping in and out of that thread on a regular basis.

Moe Lane

PS: My suspicions that there will be a The Yellow King RPG announcement soon have not been quieted by this event.

Is The Yellow King RPG Kickstarter going to drop next week?

I suspect that it might, given that Robin Laws is doing half-taunting Tweets right now:

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It would be really, really nice if @RobinDLaws’ Hillfolk Kickstarter hit 50K.

Hillfolk: DramaSystem roleplaying by Robin D. Laws

It’d be totally sweet if the GUMSHOE RPG went Open Game License, so that I could do this supplement that I’ve been letting coagulate in my head for the last week or so.

Totally, totally sweet.

Carrie Fisher hath a blog.

It’s… not bad.

Via Robin D Laws, who is on LiveJournal, but do not hold that against him. Particularly if you are into roleplaying games, of which he is an recognized demigod of the genre.  On the off chance that you GM and Robin’s Laws, go and repair your error… SIXTY-SIX BUCKS!?!  I mean, yeah, if it wasn’t on PDF for $7.95 already it’d be totally worth it, but it is on PDF…