Tweet of the Day, The Buried Lede Here Is The ‘Yellow King RPG’ Bit edition.

The Yellow King will be a standalone GUMSHOE game that incorporates the horror fiction of Robert W Chambers (and nothing else, so no actual Cthulhu or Yog-Sothery*)  Also: please note that I didn’t watch more than a little bit of the actual gameplay video, because I don’t typically watch many of those.  Robin Laws and the rest could have spent half the video chanting “Yog-Sothoth Neblod ZIN!” and I would have missed it.


*It’d be interesting if some of Chambers romantic fiction later got tossed into the mix.  Dude probably never would have believed that his horror fiction is the only reason why we even remember his name these days. Funny old world, huh?

A ‘Hardcore’ Review/Trailer.

Have I not mentioned this before? I may not have mentioned this before. Maybe… one of my readers did. Anyway, here’s Robin Laws:

Hardcore [Russia, Ilya Naishuller, 4] Newly awakened cyborg super-soldier shoots, punches, parkours and rail-guns his way through a legion of mooks to stop a telekinetic villain from assembling a world-conquering army. Every time you think this crazypants high-action extravaganza, shot entirely in POV, has gone up to eleven, it finds a whole new eleven.

…and here’s the trailer. Warning: violence. Oh, my, yes. Robin Laws later on described this movie as using Feng Shui rules, and, well, he’d know. Continue reading A ‘Hardcore’ Review/Trailer.

If you like me, jump in on @RobinDLaws Feng Shui 2 Kickstarter in its final hours.

Or, shoot, even if you hate my guts. Feng Shui is a heck of a game…

…and the Kickstarter for the second version is in its final hours. I want the stretch goals, though. I want ALL the stretch goals. GIVE THEM UNTO ME. You even get good stuff for doing so! So it’s win-win.

@RobinDLaws and #Hillfolk win Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming.

Very cool.

Well-done, and well-deserved: Hillfolk is one of the most innovative RPGs I’ve seen in a while.  Robin Laws is consistently associated with projects that introduce new concepts and paradigms in roleplaying games while, and this is important, are still fun to play.  You have no idea how refreshing that can be.


Moe Lane

In The Mail: The Esoterrorists, Second edition.

The Esoterrorists is, of course, Robin Laws’ investigation-centric* roleplaying game of horror, monsters, and the global conspiracy to stop both. The second edition expands on the first with regard to some game mechanics and a seriously expanded description of the campaign setting; I’ve been looking forward to the print version for some time.  Not least because it’s very pretty.

God knows when I’m going to play it, though.

Moe Lane

*GUMSHOE, to be precise.  Robin Laws likes to think a lot about roleplaying games, in a non-pretentious way; he also wanted to work out a game system where clues and mysteries got the same attention that most games dedicate to combat.  And this was the result.

A plethora of Trail of Cthulhu / Esoterrorist resources.

Although I should probably come up with something more squamous than “plethora.”

Anyway: I think that I’ve previously mentioned Trail of Cthulhu, which is Ken Hite’s exceptionally good sourcebook for 1930’s-style Cthulhu Mythos roleplaying (the default time period is actually the 1920s, which is of course a completely different style from a roleplaying standard) for the GUMSHOE system, which is an attempt to create a roleplaying game that is actually designed to accommodate mysteries and investigation.  It’s the same game engine that’s used by Robin Laws’ The Esoterrorists, which more of a modern occult-horror investigation/repression game.

Good gaming stuff, in other words – and Steve Jackson Games is selling supplements for both Trail of Cthulhu and The Esoterrorists as part of their PDF publishing service. Significant savings over the dead-tree version, instantly accessible, good stuff with which to get your geek on – a nice deal all around.  Check them out