Bad Roger Simon calls National Guardsmen child-killers. …Does @Politico agree?

Well, at least he didn’t call them ‘baby-killers.’ That’s progress, right?

Let me explain the entire good/bad thing.  There’s Roger Simon, over at Pajamas Media. I generally call him ‘Good’ Roger Simon, because that way I can distinguish him from the Roger Simon over at Politico, who I used to typically call ‘Bad’ Roger Simon.  Only now I’m just going to call Bad Roger Simon nothing but Bad Roger Simon, on the basis of this particular tweet.

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#rsrh QotD, Sing It Brother Ace edition.

Yeah, you’ve probably heard how the not-cool Roger Simon* from Politico decided to write ‘satire’ about Paul Ryan.  Normally, when ‘satire’ is in square quotes like that it’s because the perpetrator of said ‘satire’ is actually trying to for ‘nastiness;’ in this case, of course, it was fairly obviously supposed to be a ‘joke.’ One that could have been seen through by anyone with a triple-digit IQ and the ability to think of their political opponents in anything but the most dismissive of ways.


Yeah, half the left-sphere fell for it.  Anyway, AoSHQ notes:

One of the biggest problems with online media is that it provides a potentially massive venue for people who are not funny to try to be funny.

…Which can be hell on earth for those of us who ARE actually funny.  Like, say, Ace – or myself, false modesty be damned.

Moe Lane

*…Well, he’s not.