Quote of the Day, Well, When You Put It THAT Way edition.

Seriously, was this a case where nobody actually said a version of the next sentence aloud until quite recently? “Actor Will Ferrell has backed out of a movie that would have made light of President Ronald Reagan‘s battle with Alzheimer’s after the premise received condemnation.”  …Seriously, what did Ferrell think was going to happen? The American people largely have decided that Reagan was awesome and Alzheimer’s sucks; whose bright idea was it to use the latter to make jokes about the former?

Note that I’m not even angry – Will Ferrell has no chance at permanently changing people’s minds about, well, anyone or anything –  just disapproving and bemused. It seemed a… poor career choice for the man. I mean, Anchorman can buy only a finite amount of goodwill…

Quote of the Day, ‘Transformation’ Is A Double-Edged Sword edition.

This is an interesting, complex, and possibly a touch unfair* assessment of Ronald Reagan’s accomplishments and successes, and you should read it – but I mostly want to show you this particular sick burn.

Though [Barack Obama] won a comfortable reelection, his party suffered a shocking collapse. After six years of his leadership, the Democrats have fewer congressmen, U.S. senators, governors, and state legislative chambers than at any time since the 1920s. For someone who doesn’t believe in turning back the clock, Obama certainly has done a good job of it. Democratic legislators might be forgiven for thinking they’d suffered a reverse Rip Van Winkle, falling asleep in the Age of Obama and waking up in the Age of Calvin Coolidge.

Ouch. And heh.

Moe Lane

*Any assessment of Ronald Reagan’s domestic agenda and its outcomes must, I think, admit that the ultimate focus of Reagan’s time in office was in how best to ram an iron stake through the black, acidic heart of Soviet Communism.

Why you may have never seen this Ronald Reagan / RFK kinda-debate clip.

It’s because Ronnie comes off a hell of a lot better than Bobby does.

More on that evening here. As far as I know, that British kid (apparently named Jeff Jordan) ended up doing nothing of particular note with his life. Which is, in its way, a shame: if Jordan had then we might have had footage of the look on the guy’s face when he realized that, dear God, but THAT MAN really did kill Soviet Communism deader than disco and made it look easy in the process.

RONALD REAGAN National Airport! Say its name! RONALD REAGAN National Airport!

Sorry: I wasn’t really aware that the name “RONALD REAGAN National Airport” was so infuriating to a bunch of people that I was already cheerfully contemptuous towards.  Under the circumstances, my only regret is that I’m not writing thing on Saturday morning, so that my saying “RONALD REAGAN National Airport!” wasn’t contributing to more hangovers right now.  Anyway, this is what I really took away from that article:

In the long run, it looks like “Reagan” will win out. Our survey found that younger generations are more likely to use Reagan, regardless of political affiliation. That may be because, to them, “Reagan” simply connotes “the convenient airport that’s on Metro” — just as “Dulles,” to many locals, means “the airport that’s way out in Virginia,” not “the namesake of John Foster Dulles, architect of Cold War brinkmanship.”

That’s certainly the case for Denzel Thomas, 25.

“I don’t know much about Ronald Reagan,” said the D.C.-based artist, while waiting for a flight to Miami. “I think he was president before I was born.”

Don’t be absurd: ’25’ means that the guy was born in… 1990.

Oh, God, I am old.

Moe Lane

Via @gabrielmayor.

Ronald Reagan’s ‘Tear down this wall.’

I suppose that this will depress you, given our current… what I will be charitable and call ‘leadership.’ But it’s still worth your attention. Ladies and gentlemen, Ronald Reagan’s Brandenburg Gate speech, June 12, 1987.

Always remember: we have, indeed, had it worse.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

Tweet of the Night, …*Ouch* edition.

Yeah, the desktop finally decided that it was alive, again. I’m still gonna save those posts for tomorrow, anyway.

Speaking of anyway…

Sheesh. At what point do Democrats start asking themselves, do they want Barack Obama’s help this fall?

Moe Lane

This Ronald Reagan video is hysterical for the first eleven minutes…

…and then really, really aggravating for the last one.

It’s amazing how far standards for public speaking have fallen in the last three decades. It’s even more amazing how much they’ve fallen since 2009… and who thought that I’d be saying THAT in 2013, huh?

Via email.

Tweet of the Day, This Is Apparently Why They Hated Him edition.

This particular moment was apparently the one, because the Left’s been trying to push back on it ever since.

Good luck with that, guys.

Reagan’s place… at Brandenburg Gate then, and in the party now.

There has been a certain amount of …well, the usual invocation of Ronald Reagan’s memory in order to justify other people’s positions on issues, particularly the ones where they’re not majority positions in the Republican party.  Latest offender – and it’s a shame that I have to use the word, in this case: I like the guy – is former Florida governor Jeb Bush, who wondered yesterday whether Reagan would be able to get Tea Party/conservative support these days.  Well, it’s interesting that today is the 25th Anniversary of Reagan’s Brandenburg Gate speech*.

So let’s check: Continue reading Reagan’s place… at Brandenburg Gate then, and in the party now.