Tweet of the Day, I Choose To Believe Ruth Bader Ginsburg edition.

On the one hand: she’s probably lying.

On the other hand, it’s kind of a badass lie. And on the gripping hand, I wouldn’t go to an Obama SotU sober, either. I had to watch most of the last SotU sober (wife got delayed getting home), and it was remarkably unpleasant. I don’t know how people who don’t drink during these things can stand it.

Moe Lane

PS: There seems to be a general consensus on Twitter that “using alcohol to get through the SotU” is a viable life hack.

Ginsburg and Breyer: still not retiring.

I’ve been thinking about this myself.

The most important news from the Supreme Court this month?

Sure, we’ve had landmark rulings in Hobby Lobby, Canning and several other cases. But the non-retirements of the court’s two senior liberal associate justices, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer, might overshadow any of those decisions in the longer run.

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