#rsrh Media whine about Palin Tour, 6/3/2011.

Apparently, THAT WOMAN is making them break traffic laws.

The reporters who are speeding, tailgating, cutting off other cars, blasting through roundabouts and passing on the right in an effort to keep up, say they have no other choice since they never know what Palin’s up to or where she’s headed — and aides typically won’t tell them anything. Once they’re on the road, they’re filing urgent updates by phone and figuring out unorthodox bathroom breaks, like the reporter who pulled over to relieve himself on the side of the highway going from Gettysburg, Pa., to Philadelphia — drawing notice from both Palin aides and the rest of the trailing press.

Hey, here’s a radical notion: STOP STALKING HER, then.  Because you do realize that she’s doing this to mess with your heads and give everybody else a good laugh, right?

Moe Lane

Via Hot Air Headlines.

Supposedly, some sadists decide to seek a medical career.

Medical field can be draw for sickos who like to hurt, shrink says (Via Fark). If you look at the article, you’ll see that it’s actually not really offering compelling evidence for that; it’s mostly suggesting a reason why the quote-unquote “Craigslist killer” is the way that he is, assuming that the guy that they’re calling the “Craiglist killer” is actually the “Craigslist killer.” I’m a little startled that Fark covered this with an Obvious tag, in fact: as the guy’s own book would book, this isn’t really News.

Then again, being able to replay the song below features largely in my decision to write about this, so there’s that.

Little Shop of Horrors