Tweet of the Day, I’m Already At The Pre-Pre-Order Stage edition.

I am, as they say, down with this.

Apparently, it’s going to be a science fiction game. Don’t know anything else about, don’t need to, just take my money, Sandy Petersen. Interview: Sandy Petersen (CoC).

As it happens, one of my readers knows Sandy Petersen, who is one of the executive producers for the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society‘s The Whisperer in Darkness movie (and for the RPG buffs out there: yes, that Sandy Petersen). Sandy was happy to answer some of my questions about the movie.  The interview’s after the fold: we conducted it by email, so at least you won’t have to listen to me for once.

I have to say: it’s not the primary focus of my online activities these days, more’s the pity – but it’s nice to just have some unambiguously game-related material for a change.  Especially since it involves the chance to talk to somebody who created the game which currently takes up half a shelf of my gaming bookshelf.  The movie is currently being shown abroad; hopefully, they’ll be showing it in the States this summer/fall somewhere that’s close to DC.

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