So Schlock Mercenary is now grappling with a spiritual question.

Although I suppose that some people would call it an ethical one, despite the fact that the ethics are largely straightforward. For background, Schlock Mercenary is a far-future webcomic where one of the lead characters (Captain Tagon) recently got himself killed doing something heroic in order to save his crew.  The thing is, it’s a far-future world, and the technology for braintaping people just got introduced.  Tagon had a backup made, forty minutes before he hand-delivered an armed ship’s missile to a boarding party invading his ship.  This is important because there was no body to retrieve: the new Tagon is only genetically identical to the old one, with 99.9999% all of his memories and presumably his entire personality. Continue reading So Schlock Mercenary is now grappling with a spiritual question.

Finally got the #schlockmercenary challenge coins mounted.

And let me tell you: that was a right royal pain in the sit-upon to arrange. The freaking shadow box that I used for the display* apparently has a taste for human flesh, because it bit me twice…

Moe Lane

*Purchased at my local Hobby Lobby; the woman who does custom framing over there knows my face by now. I think that I amuse her, or more accurately the rather bizarre things that I bring in that need frames or displaying amuse her. I can’t WAIT to see how she handles Dogs Playing Call of Cthulhu…

My wife thanks you for her new coffee mug.

This one:


…which I purchased for her out of the funds available to me from the Tip Jar.  She was very happy to get this, and I was happy to purchase it for her.

That’s pretty much it.  Thanks for supporting the site to the point where I can occasionally buy my wife random science-fiction themed coffee mugs.

Moe Lane

:Raised eyebrow: You would think that a three-time Hugo nominee…

…(Howard Tayler, Schlock Mercenary) would at least get a personalized rejection slip for his short story, instead of a form letter.  Particularly when it’s been submitted to, and forgive me for saying this, an online SF magazine that is not perhaps as well known as Taylor’s webcomic.

Please understand, I’m not in any sort of nerdrage over this; for all I know, the story was crap.  It’s just a little… startling that the publisher didn’t jump on the chance to get a “name.”  Possibly it’s a good startling, but it’s startling all the same.

Weekend reading…

…I grabbed John Ringo’s Citadel: Troy Rising II out of the local library.  Read the previous one; it was good stuff, and so is this.  Basically, John Ringo decided that he liked the hinted-at history of Howard Tayler’s excellent Schlock Mercenary space-opera webcomic enough to use it for an alien-invasion military science fiction series, which in itself is enough to start a self-sustaining Synergistic Crescendo of Awesome.  That it’s also well written alien-invasion military science fiction is merely gravy.

I also grabbed a couple of Charlie Stross books, but that’ll be for next week.
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