Hey, there are still House Democrats! And they want tax hikes!

…Yeah, I don’t know why either the Hill or Instapundit bothered, either.

House Democrats on Monday unveiled a 2014 budg…

…You know something? I don’t need content that badly.  Here.  A video of  a seal playing music.


…OK, that wasn’t the intended goal of the YouTube search, but what the hell.  Close enough for government work, especially under the new four-day work schedule.

Isn’t Seal bald?

I could have sworn that he was bald.


Of course, that was in 1991… yeah, yeah, yeah: I know, that video’s old enough to vote. And also, yeah, everybody dressed like the Daywalker back then. To quote Lileks, it was the way of my people.

So was dressing up young women in a fashion reminiscent of last-minute desperation fetish shopping, apparently: Continue reading Isn’t Seal bald?