Tweet of the Day, That’s Not A Good Thing To Say During A Gubernatorial Debate edition.

Speaking objectively: is there, in point of fact, a good way to answer this question?

I mean, I understand that not all sex offenders are, say, pedophiles. But I’m personally trying to think of a class of sex offender that I’d want around my kids anyway, and I’m kind of drawing a blank. As did, apparently, Governor Hickenlooper of Colorado. Alas for him, he signed off on a policy of letting sex offenders work with kids without violating the sex offender’s parole and I didn’t, so his inability to justify that is a problem.

Moe Lane

PS: I happen to think, by the way, that there are serious problems with making two minors sex offenders. Apparently, so does John Hickenlooper… but, again, I’m a guy on the Internet and he’s the governor of Colorado. Why hasn’t he done something about the situation?

What *is* it with Democratic candidates and sex offenders? #minnesota #MN08

You would have thought that House Rep. Rick Nolan (Minnesota-08) would have learned from Martha Robertson‘s fail and not decide to use convicted sex offender Peter Yarrow for a campaign event.  Apparently not: “U.S. Rep. Rick Nolan canceled his appearance Friday at a fundraising reception that originally had been paired with a concert by entertainer and convicted sex offender Peter Yarrow.”  Largely because of the NRCC’s rather pointed commentary:

As Hot Air notes: it took forever for the Nolan campaign to give ground on this. Eventually.  Through gritted teeth. I guess that Rick Nolan really, really wanted to hear “Puff the Magic Dragon” performed live.

Moe Lane