#rsrh Multiple sexual assault allegations at #OWS.

By my count, there’s credible evidence from this Verum Serum [link fixed] post alone that it’s happened at five Occupy Whatever locations*: a rape accusation in Cleveland, an assault arrest in NYC, sexual harassment allegations in Oakland, a sexual assault allegation in Portland, and a suggestion that Occupy Baltimore is actively attempting to preemptively discourage the reporting any future attacks or assaults: Continue reading #rsrh Multiple sexual assault allegations at #OWS.

#rsrh David Wu (D, OR) resigns over sex scandal.

I guess somebody explained to him that ‘having a sexual encounter’ with the daughter of a campaign contributor – particular one one-third your age – doesn’t get magically better when you explain that the whole thing was consensual.  Whatever she might or might not be saying about the matter.  Anyway, Wu’s on his way out the door: slowly but surely, the Democratic establishment is learning that leaving a Charlie Rangel or a Pete Stark or a Jim Moran or a …Sheila Jackson Lee** in place does their party no favors.

Anyway, at this rate I am never going to get to put together a list of Democrats I Plan To Help Remove in 2012*: the best candidates keep petulantly quitting before I can compile one.

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Did Rep. David Wu (D, OR) rape a girl?

And did Wu’s old staff know about the incident?

Sorry to put it that bluntly. It’s just that Rep. David Wu (D, OR*) has gotten increasingly erratic… actually, let us not mince words: Wu has been acting nuttier and nuttier for the last year. This RedState diary from February of this year tells what we thought was the tale: strange emails, bizarre statements, erratic behavior… and two pieces of interesting data:

  • The first is that Wu’s campaign shut down in the final days of the campaign, after several events (most notably: a series of bizarre, possibly alcohol-related, but not obscene emails and photos sent to staffers) at the end of October triggered at least two interventions.
  • The second is that seven members of Wu’s staff (including his chief of staff) resigned in February of 2011.

The (heavy) implication at the time was that the second event was because of the first… which would make this story one where Wu is kind of going crazy, and his staff (not being trained mental health professionals, after all) are quietly extricating themselves from a somewhat awkward situation. Which may not be nice of those staffers, but, really, what were they going to do? After all, it’s not like anyone was saying that Wu did anything felonious

Sources: Young woman accuses Oregon Rep. David Wu of aggressive, unwanted sexual encounter

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