Trump campaign contemplating having the shakeup they should have had in January.

What we have here is a good news / bad news situation, and the funny thing is: they’re both the same news. CNN is hearing a whisper of a rumor of a suggestion of a possibility that the Trump campaign may be about to consider doing a major shakeup of their campaign. It’s obvious why that would be bad news: I’m perfectly happy with Trump’s strategy as it is. It’s also obvious why that would be good news: they should have done it last Tuesday. Not talked about it, or laying the groundwork for talking about it; they should have gone and done it. Rip off the band-aid quick, that’s my motto.

But will it work? Maybe, maybe not. But one thing that’s not in that article that should be: either way, it’s gonna be expensive. Quality costs

Saudi Arabian Government Shakeup.

A positive one.

I missed this over the weekend, but via Chapomatic and Crossroads Arabia comes news of a certain amount of quiet moderation in Saudi Arabia:

Saudi king shakes up religious establishment

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia The Saudi king on Saturday dismissed the chief of the religious police and a cleric who condoned killing the owners of TV networks that broadcast “immoral” content, signaling an effort to weaken the country’s hard-line Sunni establishment.

The shake-up – King Abdullah’s first since coming to power in August 2005 – included the appointment of a female deputy minister, the highest government position a Saudi woman has attained.

The king also changed the makeup of an influential body of religious scholars, for the first time giving more moderate Sunnis representation to the group whose duties include issuing the religious edicts known as fatwas.

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