Whatever this was, it kicked like a mule.

Almost literally: my sides still hurt, although thankfully my voice is almost back to normal.  What’s kind of worrying me is the relative lack of appetite, although I think that it’s starting to come back. Whatever this was — I assumed that it was just food poisoning from off BBQ sauce, but I’m starting to doubt it — keep it away from you.  Personally, I’m just glad that it hit now, and not Halloween.

I live.

I suppose. That was a remarkably unpleasant thirty-six hours or so, and I’m only feeling better, not well. I’m taking it easy for the rest of the day.

On the bright side: lots of sleep!  Lots and lots of sleep. With highly bizarre dreams.

Yeah, this is gonna be a light-content weekend.

Lingering whatever-this-it, screaming headache from the low-pressure front that rolled in, and by the time I finally feel better Saturday I’m off to a family reunion.  So I’m going to stop worrying about generating content now and start worrying about, say, laundry.  Tomorrow is going to be a heavy laundry day; exciting news, I know. But at least it’s a slow week anyway.