The Cough has migrated.

Over from the children to the wife and myself.  On the bright side, they’re gearing up to declare tomorrow a snow day.  Although I can drag myself out of bed long enough to walk them over and back to school, of course.

Yes. Yes, I’ve been sick a lot more often this winter, it seems. That’s because the kids are bringing it all home, honestly. I may start wearing a cleanroom suit around the house…

I miss my old immune system.

The colds just keep spiraling through the house: kids get it, I get it, wife gets it, kids get whatever the hell my wife also catches in the process, rinse, repeat. So posting may be taking second fiddle to sleep for a couple of days.

Moe Lane

What’s that?  “Could my recent downloading Assassin’s Creed IV be affecting this at all?”  …Well, you could very well say that; but I couldn’t possibly comment.  Also: freaking snipers.

#Obamacare refuses to pay for sick kids’ care in Seattle, Washington. Like it does.

Back when Obamacare was all shiny and new, I was in the habit of calling it ‘health care rationing.’ I did this because I knew that you can’t have ‘less people uninsured’ AND ‘lower prices’ AND ‘improved services’ – and I assumed that the government would choose the first two and let the third go away on the wind. I got out of the habit of using the term ‘health care rationing’ because before the Obamacare launch it became clear that the government wasn’t going to manage ‘lower prices,’ either – and after the launch it’s becoming increasingly clear that they’re not going to manage ‘less people uninsured,’ either. In short: the word ‘Obamacare’ itself is sufficient warning.

But it remains true that we’re rationing care now.  Kids’ care, too [link added: sorry!].  Continue reading #Obamacare refuses to pay for sick kids’ care in Seattle, Washington. Like it does.

It’s a freaking trifecta.

…No, wait, it’s not a trifecta. I just have a cold that’s making me fall asleep at irregular intervals and the sudden snowfall has delayed my departure to my mom’s for a day. That’s two: three would be if one of the kids… well. Let’s not invite further trouble.

Sorry. Rough night and I’m kind of cranky. Mild to light posting until the end of the week, probably.

Watch. Now that it’s established that my cold is back…

…and apparently determined to knock me on my rear, today will be the day that Everything Happens At Once.  Supreme Court decisions, Presidential gaffes, wars started and ended, and aliens will descend from the sky in their saucers of light and give us the recipe for nachos that stay crispy all the way to the end.


You’re welcome, I guess.