Yeah, this is gonna be a light-content weekend.

Lingering whatever-this-it, screaming headache from the low-pressure front that rolled in, and by the time I finally feel better Saturday I’m off to a family reunion.  So I’m going to stop worrying about generating content now and start worrying about, say, laundry.  Tomorrow is going to be a heavy laundry day; exciting news, I know. But at least it’s a slow week anyway.

The Cough has migrated.

Over from the children to the wife and myself.  On the bright side, they’re gearing up to declare tomorrow a snow day.  Although I can drag myself out of bed long enough to walk them over and back to school, of course.

Yes. Yes, I’ve been sick a lot more often this winter, it seems. That’s because the kids are bringing it all home, honestly. I may start wearing a cleanroom suit around the house…

I miss my old immune system.

The colds just keep spiraling through the house: kids get it, I get it, wife gets it, kids get whatever the hell my wife also catches in the process, rinse, repeat. So posting may be taking second fiddle to sleep for a couple of days.

Moe Lane

What’s that?  “Could my recent downloading Assassin’s Creed IV be affecting this at all?”  …Well, you could very well say that; but I couldn’t possibly comment.  Also: freaking snipers.

#Obamacare refuses to pay for sick kids’ care in Seattle, Washington. Like it does.

Back when Obamacare was all shiny and new, I was in the habit of calling it ‘health care rationing.’ I did this because I knew that you can’t have ‘less people uninsured’ AND ‘lower prices’ AND ‘improved services’ – and I assumed that the government would choose the first two and let the third go away on the wind. I got out of the habit of using the term ‘health care rationing’ because before the Obamacare launch it became clear that the government wasn’t going to manage ‘lower prices,’ either – and after the launch it’s becoming increasingly clear that they’re not going to manage ‘less people uninsured,’ either. In short: the word ‘Obamacare’ itself is sufficient warning.

But it remains true that we’re rationing care now.  Kids’ care, too [link added: sorry!].  Continue reading #Obamacare refuses to pay for sick kids’ care in Seattle, Washington. Like it does.