Obama not leading in Gulf. And this was a *surprise*?

Do you know what is the fun part of these poor reviews of Obama’s Gulf performance?

[Chris] Matthews, speaking during an appearance with Jay Leno on NBC’s “Tonight Show,” said Obama’s response “scares me. He’s been acting a little like a Vatican Observer here. When is he actually going to do something?”

[James] Carville, one of the President Bush’s harshest critics in the wake of the 2005 hurricane that decimated New Orleans, called Obama’s response “lackadaisical.”

(Via Hot Air) It’s the confused outrage.  Matthews’ I can understand; the talking head is not after all expected to be observant.  But Carville’s usually not this dumb, so his befuddlement at the White House’s passivity is particularly enjoyable. Continue reading Obama not leading in Gulf. And this was a *surprise*?

An Education Department that can’t spell.

You’d think that the slapdash sorts in this particular administration would check to make sure that they spelled quite simple words properly in their media advisories:


Then again, you’d also expect them to check to see whether a major Presidential address to schoolchildren was actually taking place after the start of everybody’s school year*.

Moe Lane

*Alternatively, we can all stop pretending that the White House was not planning to use this speech to push the Democrats’ health care rationing bill.

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