Bonnie Erbe stands up for conservative women, except for the one who isn’t white.

Shocking coincidence, that.

She had it coming, you see. (Also via Hot Air Headlines)

You know, Michelle Malkin and I have some serious policy disagreements in a couple of areas, particularly on immigration issues – I am confident that she’d call me a pro-amnesty squish, mostly because by her definition I am – so keep that in mind when I suggest to Ms. Erbe that she did Smart Girl Politics or conservatism no favor at all with her ‘support.’

The address for SGP, by the way, is I hesitate to suggest that this was deliberate, mostly because I’m profoundly tempted to make it a formal accusation.

Moe Lane

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I hope to attend RootsHQ 2009.

RootsHQ 2009 is a conference for center-right online activists that will be taking place in Nashville, TN on September 18th & 19th; it’s going to be bundled with Smart Girl Politics “Conservative Women Leadership Conference.”  It sounds like fun, and a lot of the RedState crew is going to be going to be there.  Heck, if the organizers are at all interested in my blathering I can even think of a lecture that I can give.

Now it’s just a matter of getting the bread together for the registration and the airfare.  Which is… complicated.