SMBC and the folly of thinking that you are the pinnacle of societal evolution.

This is a pretty good takedown on thinking eugenically, but let me add something to that: it doesn’t matter who you are, at this precise moment. Twenty years from now people will think of you as lame; fifty years from now, embarrassing; eighty years from now, subtly horrifying; and two hundred years from now they will panic at the very thought of being sent back to this time.

The good news: six hundred years from now they’ll be quite fond of you, largely because they’ll have no idea at all what you’re actually like and so they’ll just make something up.

Moe Lane

PS: No, that applies to everybody. Even if our descendants think that they like you it’ll typically be for all the wrong reasons.

#rsrh OK, I admit it: I’m probably guilty…

…of being one of the second types.  After all, I routinely refer to myself as a partisan hack, largely because being honest about it kind of gives me a weird amount of power, in an odd counter-intuitive sort of way.  Or maybe it’s because I’m apparently one of the stalwarts of what Jim Geraghty’s calling “A Golden Age for the Conservative Message.”  I don’t know which prospect is more subtly frightening.

Ach, well, as long as we’re scaring our enemies more.

Moe Lane

PS: Hey!  You can’t spell ‘punditry’ without ‘dirty pun!’  I’m not sure what the significance is of that, but surely there is some, somewhere.

Not buying this SMBC comic.

Not the bit about evolution/homosexuality bit – as I understand it, Darwinian theory is a little bit more nuanced than that when addressing the ways that traits that affect the group/pack/tribe can be valuable for the species in general even when they’re personally evolutionary dead ends – but the suggestion that gamers and/or bloggers don’t have the opportunity to breed.  I mean, speaking as a gamer… sure, back in the 1980s and 1990s there was a pretty lopsided gender ratio, but I know lots of female gamers these days.  It’s been that way for a while: I’m trying (and failing) to remember the last campaign that I was in that didn’t have a minimum of two female players in it, or a female player and a female GM.  Heck, my wife’s a GM herself.

Maybe we should update that particular cultural stereotype?

Moe Lane