Tweet of the Day, I Choose To Believe Ruth Bader Ginsburg edition.

On the one hand: she’s probably lying.

On the other hand, it’s kind of a badass lie. And on the gripping hand, I wouldn’t go to an Obama SotU sober, either. I had to watch most of the last SotU sober (wife got delayed getting home), and it was remarkably unpleasant. I don’t know how people who don’t drink during these things can stand it.

Moe Lane

PS: There seems to be a general consensus on Twitter that “using alcohol to get through the SotU” is a viable life hack.

:low affect tone: So. Yeah. State of the Union address tonight at 9 PM.


Yeah, I’ll be watching, and live-tweeting it, and maybe doing other stuff for RedState. And yes, I have to cover it.  There is a price that must be paid:

I do well out of political social media, all things considered – but there are days when the bill comes due.  This is one of them.

Sen. Joni Ernst (R, Iowa) to give GOP response to 2015 SotU address.

It’s a pretty interesting choice: “Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) today announced that U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) will deliver the Republican Address to the Nation following the State of the Union address on Tuesday, January 20, 2015.”  Combat veteran, freshman Senator, on nobody’s list for 2016 in any capacity: with any luck, the leadership is trying to integrate some of the last wave of populist conservatives into Congress. Either that, or she can give a really good speech. I can live with either.

Moe Lane

PS: There is a fellow who sneered at the junior Senator from Iowa earlier today.  The name of this fellow – who apparently suffers from the twin burdens of owing all of his success to his last name, and having perhaps a decidedly unrequited lust for female conservative legislators – is known to me, but I choose not to repeat it. …Ah, the classics.

Quote of the #SOTU night, …Yeah. Yeah, @JonahNRO Is Right edition.

Pretty much got it in one.

My general impression was this was a remarkably boring speech, intellectually and rhetorically. Not every idea was terrible. But no idea was particularly exciting, or all that significant. Because it lacked ambition, it was a far less offensive speech that I thought it would be.

I was expecting more in the way of sheer, raw fury on my part. Instead, I got… well, apparently I wasn’t the only one who saw his low expectations of this speech fulfilled.  I just didn’t think that the President would be similarly wearily unsurprised at the results.

:monotone: here we go. state of the union speech soon.

because you have to be an informed citizen in order to be an excellent citizen of the republic and this is important and politics is not supposed to be fun.  so the coverage starts at nine pm sharp and my bon mots will all be on twitter because misery loves company.

sorry.  my bon mots will all be on twitter in order to encourage more participation in the democratic process. yes.  not because of the misery thing at all.

moe lane

p.s. no, there will be no drunk-blogging. it is a weeknight and it is my responsibility to make sure that the kids are ready to go to school in the morning.

Bing’s got some interesting reactions from the SotU.

Doing a quick eyeball assessment, and based on the people that Bing had watching the speech

  • Everybody likes the idea of immigration reform.
  • Democrats like the idea of “bipartisan tax reform;” everybody else is meh.
  • Democrats are meh about the idea of gun control; everybody else is FROM MY COLD, DEAD HANDS.
  • And that latter attitude’s coming from the women, too.
  • Climate change continues to demonstrate its status as something that we only like to worry about when the economy’s healthy.
  • Bringing the troops home remains popular.
  • Wow, look at all those women so totally not give a sh*t about the Violence Against Women and Paycheck Fairness Acts!

I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that maybe Obama should have just sent a note.  The way that we used to do, before Woodrow Wilson screwed things up for everybody.  Like he was wont to do.

Well, the two SOTU responses helped redeem the night.

Not much need for analysis on this one, but generally: Marco Rubio’s speech was solid, well thought-out, and aside from that water bobble thing (which he smartly made fun of himself, afterward) on-key.  Rubio is good at this sort of thing, which is one major reason why the grassroots went with him early in 2010.  As for Rand Paul… I was very pleasantly surprised to discover that the man is a sarcastic so-and-so.  Which was, in its way, a great response to Barack Obama’s opinions, which are far too often quite profoundly silly.

I’m sure that people are going to try to mock the Rubio water thing, but I wouldn’t sweat it too much.  God knows that it’s not like Obama’s rhetorical gifts are going to overshadow it, based on THIS SotU address.  That was… boring.  Horribly, horribly boring.  Even by Obama standards.

I have to wonder: how many of my colleagues *want* to see a SotU meltdown?

And I’m defining ‘colleagues’ to include ‘the rough equivalents to me on the opposite side*;’ I think that few of us really want to watch the speech, but we all feel that we sort of have to. Because… civics, I guess. But, seriously: there’s something kind of broken about the fact that the most interesting thing that’s happened at a SotU in the last decade was Joe Wilson (accurately, by the way) calling Barack Obama a liar.

Bored now.

Moe Lane

*Which don’t really exist; everybody on the Left-sphere who plays at’s level is more or less told what to write, and everybody who has my level of independence is lucky if they get’s amount of traffic. It’d be tragic, except that I don’t actually give a flying [expletive deleted].

Ooh, that *scary* Barack Obama’s gonna go after the GOP tonight!

Now, this is rich:

Here’s what we know about President Obama’s State of the Union address Tuesday night: It will include some news — as in new challenges aimed at Congress — and enough rhetoric about economic growth and job creation to sound familiar to most Americans who worry about continued 8 percent unemployment.

The president’s speech, described by White House officials as an expansion of January’s inauguration theme of “opportunity for all,” will kick off a week of campaign-style Obama travel designed to pressure GOP lawmakers to bend to the wishes of [WHAT THE DEMOCRATS CLAIM IS] a majority of Americans — or risk their election-year wrath.

Yeah, I had to fix that article a bit: I’m a little surprised, though.  Usually Real Clear Politics is admirably even-handed about these sorts of things.  Maybe the author is new? Continue reading Ooh, that *scary* Barack Obama’s gonna go after the GOP tonight!