Canadian anti-Semitic groups to be hoist on their own petard.

What goes around, comes around.

In Canada, various leftwing and pro-terror groups have used the odious hate speech laws to bludgeon critics into silence. Even though many of the cases are overturned upon appeal, the accused is out of a lot of money to defend themselves and their reputation is forever damaged. Now these laws might be put to good use…

…by using them to target Jew-hating Israeli boycott groups. streiff goes on to note that this is actually bad, because even hate speech like this is still free speech; and I, of course, agree. On the other hand, it’s not my country and Canada’s draconian regulations on freedom of expression don’t apply to me.  And on the gripping hand? If the Harper administration starts using those laws to smack the Left on the nose enough, the Left will fall all over itself to get those laws repealed.

Mitt Romney’s Bow, NH speech.

Rejecting politics for prayers for the slain.

Via DaTechGuy, the right note from Mitt Romney.  Romney’s remarks in Bow, NH, July 20, 2012:

(Transcript here)

DaTechGuy reported that Romney, Senator Kelly Ayotte, and the priest brought in to offer a prayer for the Colorado dead then formed a line to greet each person who had come to what was originally supposed to be a campaign event.  Which was appropriate.

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The Left tacitly admits: Mitt Romney hit a home run at the NAACP on Wednesday.

How do we know this? Because they’re all FREAKING OUT about it today. Watch the speech, and see for yourself why:

Particularly the part of that speech that started at about 11:28 (this would be the part where Romney told the crowd that he was going to shut down Obamacare, and the crowd then proceeded to boo him for it).  I’ll let the National Journal explain why this was actually an excellent moment for Romney (hint: it’s not because it was some sort of bizarre dog-whistle to racists): Continue reading The Left tacitly admits: Mitt Romney hit a home run at the NAACP on Wednesday.

Left trying to get their heads around Obama caving on speech time.

I suspect that Michael Scherer of Swampland is genuinely confused, while Cenk Uygur of HuffPo is just being disingenuous, judging from their reactions to Barack Obama’s garden rake moment last night.  For those who missed it: Obama wanted to schedule a speech at the last minute that would have interfered with a Republican debate; Boehner told him no; Obama promptly caved. And there was much weeping, and wailing, and gnashing of teeth…

Anyway, I’m lumping Scherer and Uygur together because the two neatly bracket the confusion and dismay that has come over the Left from watching President Obama get smacked down – finally – for being a jackass about something; in this case, for trying to muck about with the Republican debate schedule for no better reason than because Obama’s poll numbers are even worse than his job creation record.  You see, the Online Left has this little narrative where they’re all rough-and-tough digital revolutionaries facing down the thuggish, jackbooted, faceless minions of the VRWC*… so they react badly whenever one of their Designated Man-Gods meets objective reality in an objectively realistic fashion.  ‘Badly’ being defined in various ways, of course. Continue reading Left trying to get their heads around Obama caving on speech time.

#rsrh John Boehner teaches Barack Obama a valuable life lesson.

Do Not F*ck With The Speaker Of The House.

President Barack Obama on Wednesday agreed to unveil new jobs proposals in an address to Congress on September 8, bowing to pressure from Republicans, who objected to the original date set for his high-profile speech.

Obama’s long-awaited proposals could set the agenda in Washington for the coming months, but his preferred date of September 7 had an unpalatable political edge for the opposition party: Republican presidential candidates were scheduled to hold a televised debate on the same evening, at the same time.

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