Tweet of the Day, Be Afraid. Be VERY Afra- WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THIS?! RUN! RUN, YOU FOOLS!!!!! edition.

This rarely ends well.

Your calm is impressive, but RUN AWAY, YOU FOOL.

OK, admittedly this guy survived, because otherwise they wouldn’t have had the video:

…but, generally speaking? When you’re on land that was reclaimed from a bay, there’s just been one of the most powerful earthquakes in recent memory, and you are watching WATER SURGE UP FROM THE CRACKS IN THE GROUND THAT ARE FORMING AND GROWING BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES…


Moe Lane

PS: Admittedly, the good Lord does look out for fools, drunks, and Americans, so that guy had that last at least going for him. But a wise man does not taunt the Almighty by flaunting such things.