In the mail: Stand Still, Stay Silent (Book 1)… (cc @sssscomic)


…and it promptly went upstairs to my wife’s desk. After all: I am fully checked out on the Stand Still, Stay Silent webcomic, and she is not. The sooner that I can get her addicted to this series, the better.

It really is an excellent Nordic/Scandinavian/Cold Places In Europe post-apocalyptic fantasy story with horrific overtones. You should go read the webcomic, if you haven’t.  For that matter, you should go read A RedTail’s Dream, by the same author (Minna Sundberg).

The first book printing drive for Stand Still, Stay Silent is up on Indiegogo. @SSSScomic

Link here.  Stand Still, Stay Silent, for those who don’t remember, is the best post-apocalyptic, Nordic/Scandinavian/Northern European themed horror webcomic that you’re likely ever to read.  The art is great and the writing keeps up with it; I love it to death, and so should you.

…and so goes away the PayPal reserves.  Ach, well, that’s what they’re there for.

The ‘Stand Still, Stay Silent’ webcomic.

This is very interesting: Stand Still, Stay Silent looks like it’s a post-post-apocalypse (plague?) setting, with a relatively uncommon setting (modern Nordic*) and a definite promise of Funky Weird Stuff.  It’s still within binge-reading territory, but apparently the comic updates every weekday, so start reading it fast.  So far I like it; I wonder if I’d like it more in book form, though.

Have bookmarked it, if that’s a consideration for anybody.

Moe Lane

*I’d normally say ‘Scandinavian,’ but I had people point out to me recently that Finland (and maybe Iceland) aren’t quite part of that group.