Dragon Age: Origins on mega-Steam sale.

Don’t bother with the $4.99 version, if you haven’t played Dragon Age: Origins before: just get the Ultimate Edition for $7.49.  It’s so absolutely worth it.  I may have told this story before, but: I bought it first, and then my wife watched me play it for a bit, and then she asked if she could have her own gamesave (which of course she could), and then she got her own copy, and then we upgraded her computer so that it could play it properly, and it turned out that naturally my machine needed upgrading… seriously, it was addictive. My wife compared it to ‘a mediocre tabletop RPG campaign,’ which is actually an amazing compliment.  Getting a computer to fake it that well is no easy task.

Check it out.


Hey, there’s a Bethesda sale going on over at Steam.

40% off a bunch of titles, including Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.  I’ve been meaning to grab both, so: cool. The sale’s also happening on Amazon, so feel free to click those links. Also: if you haven’t grabbed Skyrim yet, twenty-five bucks for the whole shebang is frankly a steal.

I am ready to declare kanly upon Steam.

It’s really, really simple. My kid plays all the LEGO games. I don’t. They’re on my Steam account. All I want to do is transfer them somehow so that my kid can play them without booting me off of the network when I’m trying to play Fallout 4 in peace and quiet. But I can’t set up a kid account, and I apparently can’t transfer the games out of my account, and I don’t want to spend two hundred bucks to put those games on a new Steam account for my child, and the forums are full of people who have been snarling about this for going on half a decade.

So. I guess it’s gonna be kanly, then? I’d much rather that it wasn’t…

Steam, what did you *think* was going to happen?

The Witcher was a popular game. You took the latest version – the one that had the graphics cleaned up, new-to-North America content, all the bugs repaired, the inventory fixed, and two new adventures added – and then offered it for sale for two dollars and forty nine cents.

Of course everybody in the universe bought a copy. Isn’t this kind of impulse buying part of your business model?



Moe Lane

Help. KOTOR is eating my brain.

And let me tell you: playing it after playing KOTOR 2 is hurting my brain.  Was the sequel as gleeful as the original at trying to send your character spiraling inward to the Dark Side, and I just don’t remember? – because Knights of the Old Republic seems pretty damned determined to bring me down.  And I understand that it gets worse as you go on.

Fun game, though.

So… this ‘Steam’ thing.

Is it useful?  I note that it seems to have the first Knights of the Old Republic on it; my existing copy doesn’t work on the latest version of Windows.  Does Steam address that problem with its electronic downloads?

Also: I have actually received a complaint that my personal PayPal donation button is too hard to find.  Far be it from me to keep people from keeping me in geekstuff: it’s now on the sidebar, above the Attackwatch report button. And also below: