Yeah, sorry, had a story get away from me.

By almost a thousand words, no less.  It took me a while to subdue it into submission.  And you know how it is, with stories; it you don’t get it all down while the creative juices are flowing, you’ll end up wishing that you had. I mean, just go ask Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Anyway, I think that I’m calling it a night tonight.  Seriously, all my creative juices are burnt out. I may just go to sleep.

Oh, hey, got a nibble today.

Not a sale, but the story made it past the first round. Which is encouraging! Lord knows you can feel stalled in this business, sometimes.  Or more than sometimes… still, mustn’t grumble.  I’ll know more at a later time – and, again, this isn’t a sale, just me making advancing along in the process.

Thanks, by the way, for all the encouragement that I’ve gotten in the past and will get in the future. It really does help.  Anybody who does art will tell you that, too.

Fine, fine, FINE.

Are you people HAPPY, now?

This really is not as easy as it looks, you know. That poor bastard of a short story is now going to spend probably the next two years being submitted hither and yon, and then probably expire of old age in a digital file somewhere. And it’s gonna break my heart two, three times in the process. I totally understand why so many people freeze up at this point…