This was something I did for Patreon, back in 2018; and it could do for Kindle Vella, if I turn it into the 8,000 word short story it should have been. I just need to put together a better conflict than the one that I had in the original. More accurately, a less rushed one. I’m thinking that something a little more madcap might be in order. Car crashes into haystacks and chickens flying around and maybe a running gag or two. I could make it work.

Of course, I also have other things to work on, but at least I have ideas percolating in my head now.

Not the best day (but with updates).

Various forms of crap going on; and that’s just the way it goes, sometimes. I decided to just do TINSEL RAIN additions because everything else felt slightly oppressive and I’m a little ahead of schedule for the monthly story for Patreon. Just as long as I don’t turn a couple of days off into two weeks, I should be fine.

Although, I should note: the three Tobias Marsh/Asenath stories (one has yet to be written) will be the new sampler for next year’s Kickstarter! I know how the third one is going to go, and it’ll make for a good triptych, so that’s sorted out. Tentative date for the Kickstarter to begin will be one week before Farpoint, so that I can advertise it at the convention itself. My wife suggested it, because she’s smart like that.