Reminder: If you’re not reading Sword Interval, you are probably making a poor life choice.

I dunno. Maybe there’s a good reason not to read a webcomic about monster hunters with guns in a world about to have a supernatural apocalypse. I can theoretically see why people might not feel like they’d be into that, but when such a theory comes into contact with the awesomeness that is Sword Interval it’s theory that has to give way. This is just a freaking solid webcomic, people. Benjamin Fleuter has a particular talent for worldbuilding; today’s comic in particular does “show, don’t tell” ,marvelously well. Check it out.

Moe Lane

PS: Also check out the dude’s Patreon. A buck a month is a small price to pay towards keeping this comic going. I certainly think so.

In the Mail: The Sword Interval, Volume 1.

The Sword Interval is a supernatural webcomic that I’ve grown highly fond of; it features professional monster hunters and exorcists in a world with far too many of both.  One of the nice things about it is that the author (Ben Fleuter) tries to come up with new things that are scary, instead of going to the old favorites.  Not that there’s anything wrong with old favorites, but it’s nice to have fresh nightmares come into the mix.

The Kickstarter is long done, but Ben Fleuter is part of the Built on Strange Grounds Kickstarter, which looks promising as well.  Check it out.  You can also buy the book here for twenty bucks; check that out.  Hey, I’m providing a link to buy something sans affiliate revenue link; I must like it, huh?

The ‘Sword Interval’ Kickstarter.

I’m going to pause in my archive-dive into Sword Interval long enough to point out its Kickstarter:

As you can see, Sword Interval is all about the professional monster hunting. What draws my pleased attention to it is the world-building, which reminds me in some way of Pacific Rim‘s (that’s a compliment, mind you).  I’m struck by the way the artist shows humanity quietly taking into account the way that monsters are part of their world now; it’s very satisfying on a visual level.  Check it out.