Location Seed: Tallahassee.

I should probably note that there is a difference of opinion over what an actual Elder Sign looks like.

Tallahassee – Google Docs




It surprises some occultists to find out that Tallahassee, Florida has the potential to be the single most dangerous city in North America, supernaturally speaking.  That it is not is mostly due to the unsung (deliberately so) efforts of generations of magicians, priests, shamans, psychics, spiritualists, and people with steady hands.  And it’s sometimes been a close-run thing, at that.

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Snow in Tallahassee!

Alternative title: Hell, orange futures markets freeze over. Not that Tallahassee is Hell, of course.  Not even Jacksonville is Hell, although when you go there in August* you kind of get a rough approximation of the likely climate there. Still, hey, snow in Florida!


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