Codec, Shedite of Technology [In Nomine].



Shedite of Technology

Corporeal Forces: 2 Strength 1 Agility 3

Ethereal Forces: 3 Intelligence 6 Precision 6

Celestial Forces: 4 Will 9 Perception 7

Skills: Computer Operation/6, Dodge/3, Electronics/6, Fighting/3, Lying/3, Move Silently/3

Songs: Charm (Celestial/3), Entropy (Ethereal/3), Motion (Celestial/3), Tongues (Corporeal/3)

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Nothing Stays Anonymous Forever Watch, Anti-Child Predator edition.

Always nice to see when child predators get blindsided with a rise in the local tech level: it turns out that bleeding-edge photo-enhancement and pattern-matching technology can glean all sorts of interesting details from digital images these days. Like where that child molester went on vacation. Or what his prescription bottle information is saying in that ‘blurry’ photo. Or any other sorts of useful information.

Alas, those sick f*cks will eventually start doing counter-measures. But that’s the nature of technology. And, of course, there’s unfortunately a large backlog for the feds to go through again…

Via @jaketapper.

Oh, look, an (air quotes) “invisibility cloak.”

As my wife likes to note, All Demos Are Faked:

…and I’m going to guess on this one that the particular method of fakery has to do with why there are photos of the technique and not video. Bluntly? The effect probably becomes really visible when somebody inside the thing moves. I’m also raising an eyebrow at the supposed lack of power source. Lastly: how does that thing look when you shift your angle?

Mind you, the military can still find a lot of uses for a drop-cloth that mimics the ground that it’s covering.