So, apparently THE AMAZING MAURICE isn’t *bad*.

THE AMAZING MAURICE has decent-to-good critic and audience ratings, in fact. Which seems to be the problem; the general consensus seems to be that the movie’s… all right. No need to rush out and see it, but it’s not a waste of money. You won’t throw things at the screen at what they did to Pratchett’s story.

It’s not quite ‘damning with faint praise,’ though. ‘A stretch in Purgatory to head off possible concerns raised in the last evaluation report,’ maybe? Although admittedly that doesn’t even remotely scan.

The “You’ll need to do better” THE AMAZING MAURICE trailer.

Fortunately for the people doing THE AMAZING MAURICE, I recognize that the first trailer is usually the worst one. So I am not sounding the alarm, yet. …Yet. But this is going to need to be better.

If you’re wondering why I care, it’s because it’s a film adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s THE AMAZING MAURICE AND HIS EDUCATED RODENTS… ah. ‘Enough said,’ then? Indeed, friends. Indeed.



Strictly speaking, that should be THE AMAZING MAURICE AND HIS EDUCATED RODENTS, but nobody checked with me first.

Having read the book (written by Terry Pratchett, obviously) in question: this show does look like it tracks with the print version reasonably well. I’ll mostly be watching it for the rats. The rats in the book are excellent. I just have to figure out how to see it, because this looks like a British production…