In the (e-)Mail: THE IRON MAIDEN Dark Adventure Radio Theater production.

THE IRON MAIDEN is the HPL Historical Society’s latest Dark Adventure Radio Theater (DART). It’s not based on a Lovecraft story, because they’re out of those; but the good folks of the HPLHS have their little ways to bring something into the Mythos, yes, they do. I’m listening to it right now; the props will come in a few weeks. As always: check it out.

The new DART from @HPLHS (THE IRON MAIDEN) is now on preorder!

THE IRON MAIDEN isn’t coming out until March 20th, but you can pre-order it now: “Dark Adventure Radio Theatre® presents an adaptation of Prosper Mérimée’s classic weird tale “The Venus of Ille” as a Nate Ward adventure! The story bounds to life with a cast of professional actors, thrilling sound effects and an original orchestral score by Reber Clark.” Looking forward to it!

Note: the cover found on the website is temporary concept art, not the final product.

New DART from @hplhs planned for 2024: “The Iron Maiden.”

The Iron Maiden” will be based off of “The Venus of Ille” by 19th Century French writer Prosper Merimée, and I believe that this is a translation of that story. It’s an interesting choice, more folkloric than horrific. Or, rather, it’s proto-horror; Lovecraft associates it with the Gothic tradition, approvingly. It’s a subtly gory story, and I look forward to hearing it translated into a radio drama.