Tweet of the Day, Do-Doo-Dur Disney+ BORK BORK BORK Edition.

This is the good stuff. The pure quill. The gold standard against which everything else is measured.

Via @GenevieveCogman.

“The Weight” (Muppets, Jimmy Fallon).

Now this is how you end a television talk show run.


I will forgive a lot of those who love the band and love The Weight. Because that’s one of my favorite songs.

Moe Lane

#rsrh You know, I *was* going to buy “The Muppets” when it came out…

…on DVD: but now I will not.  Because while I don’t watch Fox News (or any other cable station), and while I don’t care whether Eric Jacobson likes Fox News or not, I am offended that Eric Jacobson presumed to express his opinions using the character and voice of Miss Piggy.  Note that I am assuming that this was ad-libbed; if it wasn’t, then it means that the one I should be offended by would be… the Walt Disney Company.

Put another way: does this represent the official opinion of the Mouse, or was it just an unfortunate incident coming from a rogue puppeteer?

…Saw the Muppets.

I had something melodramatic planned for this post, but then the movie started.  After two hours of laughing and crying, I don’t want to cheapen either.  It was pitch-perfect, and better than I deserved.

If you still miss Jim*, you’ll feel better after seeing this movie.

Moe Lane

*You think that you’re a tough guy?  Then you just go ahead and click that link.