The Nation calls out the Center for American Progress for *selling* out to corporations.

Oh, my.  Progressives for sale, indeed:

A liberal think tank with close ties to the Obama administration took money from General Motors and other businesses it did not disclose while campaigning for policies benefitting those companies, according to The Nation magazine.

Members of the “Business Alliance” of the Center for American Progress (CAP) include bailed out car company GM, unsafe Bangladeshi factory utilizer Walmart, and embattled solar energy company First Solar, according to a membership list obtained by the liberal magazine.

CAP, as the article lovingly goes on to note, supported the auto bailout.  Reading between the lines, this seems to be a grudge match between CAP and The Nation, or maybe a grudge match between the Clintonistas and the hardcore progressives, or maybe even the first shots of 2016.  Not that you care about that, any more than I do: all you care about is whether both sides are ready and able to carve each other up into seething little lumps.  Continue reading The Nation calls out the Center for American Progress for *selling* out to corporations.

How does a Democratic President know when he has an image problem?

When the Nation the Nation! – calls him the Whiner-in-Chief. Instapundit has more, including links to the front line of the administration’s War Against Fox. And along those lines, this bit (via Hot Air) of Glenn Beck is pretty much an instant classic:

It’s a marvelous day when you can use toy tanks and helicopters on national television to demonstrate just how silly your opponents are being.

Moe Lane

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