The “Microsoft, You Majestic SOBs” OUTER WORLDS 2 trailer.

This is… this is perfect. It is a beautifully self-aware deconstruction of the typical AAA videogame teaser release, despite the fact that it came out under the imprimatur of Xbox; and it utterly fits the heavily satirical worldview of the first OUTER WORLDS, despite the fact (again) that Obsidian got acquired by Microsoft. This trailer has managed to somehow make me excited for the sequel despite the fact (one last time) it told me it was aiming to do just that, with a cynicism so pure, so clean, that I am refreshed.

Whoever came up with this trailer deserves a raise. And free wings on Friday night.

Finally finished THE OUTER WORLDS last night.

Verdict: THE OUTER WORLDS is very good, scratches the New Vegas itch, I had a lot of fun with the story. And I’m not going to replay it until there’s DLC. Or else six months after they put in mod support and the game’s structural limitations* are fixed.

Moe Lane

*Level cap, lack of romantic options, most of the perks don’t seem worth taking a disadvantage for, the armor and weapons seem a little stunted, being able to spend perk points on boosting attributes would have been nice, and I hate it when you see chairs in a game and you can’t sit in them.

I think that I’m most of the way through THE OUTER WORLDS by now.

Maybe 60%? I’ve done most of the companion quests, just hit 27th level (I’m a completionist), and will likely start on the endgame soon. And THE OUTER WORLDS is good, no question. I like the story and the way that its characters show some nuance. If you’re a booster of New Vegas over Fallout 4, this is a game for you.

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The Outer Worlds Video Game RPG character generator.

Got this pointed out to me on Twitter: it purports to be a way to generate a character for Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds ahead of time. I’ve fiddled with a bit, and if it’s accurate then it’s telling us some very interesting things about the game. In more or less order:

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Some Outer Worlds gameplay.

OUTER WORLDS looks interesting, although I’m curious as to why all the stealth. But then, I always do. It’s odd: I happily stealth my way through games, but I get annoyed when they make me do it too often.

Will have to think about this one, though: it’s only available via Epic on PC right now, and that’s a pain in the butt every time I try to use it.