In the Mail: @HPLHS’s The Rats in the Walls.

This is why I buy the physical CDs (they throw in the mp3 version for free with a physical purchase, mind you). The HPL Historical Society always includes props with its Dark Adventure Radio Theater CDs, and The Rats in the Walls is no exception. This one came with a proclamation from King James I:

I must say: the HPLHS is very gamer-friendly. If I ever run a Cthulhu game using Lovecraft’s original stories, these props will be invaluable. Which is why they include them. I typically download the mp3 as soon as I can and then just gloat over the physical version later, but I pay the extra money without a qualm. It’s totally worth it.

In the e-Mail: @hplhs’s The Rats in the Walls.

The CD for The Rats in the Walls (including props) will be coming by regular mail, but the HPL Historical Society sends over the MP3 version when the physical copy ships.  And if you’re a fan of radio plays of this sort; the physical copy is worth the extra price, largely because it does come with props that are absolutely designed to be used in tabletop games. The HPLHS is very gamer-friendly, and it shows.

@HPLHS’s new Dark Adventure Radio Theater: The Rats in the Walls.

Not coming out until November, but the HPL Historical Society puts out some good radio plays.  I look forward to listening to The Rats in the Walls, which I recall being a thoroughly over-the-top story about poisoned ancestry and dark deeds and people fainting at what other people’s family do.  And, of course, the rats. The rats in the walls…