Book of the Week, The Sky-Blue Wolves.

SM Stirling is calling The Sky-Blue Wolves the last book of his The Change series (post apocalyptic, steadily more openly-magical fantasy), and I’m not sure if I believe it.  He put in enough hooks at the end to justify a new series, presumably set in post-Change Mongolia and so forth.  I did like it, although I think that it should have either been a bigger final book, or else two more books with the same word-count as this one.  But I may just be desensitized to humungo-books at this point. ‘Tis a common problem in modern fantasy.

In the Mail: The Sky-Blue Wolves.

The Sky-Blue Wolves is SM Stirling’s last book in the Change series. …Wow. I’ve been reading these books for twenty years, if you include the Nantucket trilogy as part of the series.  Can’t quite believe that this is going to be the last one, but I guess he’s gotten everything out of it that he was going to get.