Netflix developing The Witcher series.

See, this is where you do the goram dark and gritty.  Please, by all means, make it dark and gritty.  That’s what The Witcher is for.

Netflix has announced that they will be developing a new epic fantasy series based on the hit video game franchise The Witcher. The game itself is based on a series of novels written by polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. There are eight novels and they will serve as the main inspiration for the new series.

But who do you get to play Geralt? Worse: how do you reconcile the voice of the games with the voice of the eventual actor? Because I don’t know if Doug Cockle has the right look.  He’s obviously got the right voice, but the right look?

Bad, Good, and Great Witcher 3 DLC news this week.

Today in your mandatory The Witcher: Wild Hunt news:

  • Bad news: the expected DLC for this week (a new outfit for Ciri*) has been delayed a week.
  • Good news: there’s going to be at least three more free DLC.
  • Great news: the DLC delay is for the 1.07 patch, which will hopefully fix a metric [expletive deleted]-ton of bugs and will DEFINITELY give players a functional inventory system. And places to stash your loot. No more leaving bags on the floor near your master smiths…

Yeah, I know: they shouldn’t have to have needed a 1.07 patch. The game is still mega-awesome, even with the bugs, so we’ve forgiven them for it.  Sorry…