#rsrh A random Witcher monster observation.

The Bloedzuiger‘s habit of releasing a toxic cloud of acid upon demise that not only wounds the Witcher, but every other monster within range, is not a particularly strong Darwinian survival tactic – particularly since it will wound other Bloedzuigers.  You’d think that these things would be able to handle their own stomach reagents.

Also: The Witcher is fun, but it’s also kind of messed up in the head in some ways.  How’s the sequel? – Not that I’m probably not going to buy it anyway.

Taking a break from The Witcher…

…which is thankfully getting a whole lot less pound-my-head-against-a-wall, now that I understand a little better how to do combat.  Overall, pretty fun: the Central/Eastern Europe 17th century vibe is very good, but there are issues with combat being sticky.  Also, I’m already lost in the plot and it’s only Act 2.  Bottom line: having fun, will play the sequel if they’ve really fixed the quirks in this one, but I wish that Mass Effect 3 hadn’t been delayed three months.