Today has been an insane MESS.

We had two snow days this week and a delayed opening – and, to be fair: the two days were justified, and possibly so was the delay. The snow came out of nowhere Sunday night, and dropped half a foot on precisely the parts of my county that never get hit by the ‘half a foot’ part. Usually we don’t get storms come up from the south, but we sure did this time!

But it’s been shambolic chaos throughout. My favorite was when my youngest kid had a ghost box appear on his monitor screen. That’s what it was: a transparent box that couldn’t be turned off or closed. Eventually I had to cast Turn It Off and On Again, See if That Helps, and that worked; but we have no idea what it was, or why it showed up, and I never like that when dealing with computers.

On the bright side, I finished prepping THE STARS ARE WRONG to go out. Now I just need to find a place to not-sell it to.