Thomas Frank still can’t quit Kansas (the reverse is apparently not true).

Not much to say about, except that Thomas Frank apparently wonders now why the hell he bothered to write What’s The Matter With Kansas?* – and my but he is bitter about it. What makes it kind of entertaining, in an admittedly not-nice way, is that he almost gets the real problem:

For the ruling faction of the Democratic party, meanwhile, I felt like the Kansas story triggered a bout of guilty conscience. To begin with, there was something true at the core of all the conservative bullshit: we really are ruled by a meritocratic, professional elite — just look at the members of the president’s cabinet, or who gets interviewed on NPR — and a great number of meritocratic believers really are found in the ranks of the Democrats. As a party, they are openly in love with expertise; it is who they are; it means more to them than any ideology. It’s the awful story of “The Best and the Brightest” repeating itself over and over and over again.

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Thomas Frank worried about the GOP drinking his milkshake*.

(Via Hot Air Headlines) There’s a part of me that enjoys articles like this one by Thomas Frank even more than I would by somebody who didn’t hate either conservatives, or the Republican Party. You see, despite Frank’s arrogant sneering at conservatives, willful refusal to see the Democrats’ own role in our current financial mess, petulant dismissal of the burgeoning right-populist movement, hasty downplaying of a set of a bunch of social issues that his side is losing anyway, and brassy mendacity over the deep ties between corporate America (particularly Wall Street) and the Democratic Party – he still has to admit that we’re starkly dangerous as a political party.

And when we have the Democrats for lunch – which we will; Thomas Frank is quite right about that – it’s not going to be because they started acting like Clintonites (read: ‘centrists’) again. It’s going to be because the Democratic party is committed to doing its level best to make the GOP look like centrists.


Moe Lane

*I know that it’s not dirty. But it sounds dirty.

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