The THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER Honest Trailer.

Honest Trailers… were not fans.

I understand every single objection made in this trailer, but I didn’t watch THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER for any reason more serious than, “I want to get out of the house, and the movie theater is right next to a bar that serves a decent fried chicken sandwich.” Screaming goats and goofy jokes about ex-weapons? Yeah, sure, sounded like fun. It also made three quarters of a billion bucks without the China market, so we’re getting another one, sorry.

Moe Lane

PS: Oh, just had this thought: Loki died in battle, he’s in Valhalla, that’s how Loki Prime gets back in the movies. Sounds easy enough.

So, no spoilers yet for THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER?

Surprising. Usually there’s a lot more by now. I mean, THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER is coming out in six days, which is plenty of time for stuff to come out. Then again, they managed to keep things largely under wraps for the last Dr. Strange movie until it actually came out, so maybe Marvel’s just better at keeping secrets when Tom Holland isn’t in the movie.

Not that it matters. I’m going to the next Thor movie as soon as I can. No arguments, no delays, do not pass Go, do not collect $200. It promises to be gloriously stupid, in the way that I like.

The strategically pixelated THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER trailer.

Worried that THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER might be a solemn affair? Concerned that the general ‘Jack Kirby drops some acid but was able to maintain’ vibe of the original might have been an one-time thing? Unsure whether Chris Helmsworth has gone off the Marvel boiled-chicken-and-Sisyphus exercise routine?

Then do I have a trailer for you.

It’s dumb and I love it.

The THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER teaser trailer.

In all of its 1980s-1990s glory. The Guns N’ Roses theme in particular made me chortle. They’re not even trying anymore to hide the pandering to my generation, are they?

Not that I mind.

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THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER cast reveals a truth…

To wit: actors just can’t resist that sweet, sweet Marvel money. Even the big names:

“[Chris] Hemsworth is returning to the title role, alongside Natalie Portman, returning as Jane Foster, and taking on the mantle of Mighty Thor; Tessa Thompson, returning as Valkyrie; Jaimie Alexander as Sif; Karen Gillan as Nebula; Chris Pratt as Peter Quill/Star-Lord; Sean Gunn as Kraglin; Waititi himself as Korg; Luke Hemsworth as Asgardian Thor actor; Sam Neill as Asgardian Odin actor; and Matt Damon as Asgardian Loki actor. They join newcomers Christian Bale, who will play Gorr the God Butcher; Melissa McCarthy, who will play Actor Hela; and Russell Crowe as Zeus.”

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