Tweet of the Day, Really, Those Two Should Not Hang Out edition.

I don’t know who is brought down more by being seen with the other, frankly. Perhaps this is a Magical Healing Power Of ‘And’ moment…

The answer, by the way, is ‘No.’

I’ve been trying to avoid the whole wretched Tiger Woods affair, but Dr. Helen asked this question a couple of days ago:

So my question to this proponent of violence against men is this: Given that women’s marital infidelity is approaching that of men (who are catting around just like Tiger), should their husbands feel free to take the tool of his wife’s trade and smash in her car and perhaps her face?

…in response to some since-hastily-updated commentary by Jessica Ashley on the subject of domestic violence.  Ms. Ashley would like everybody to know that it’s OK to use improvised weaponry to scare your partner and break his or her stuff, just as long as you don’t actually hit him or her…

Hey, take it up with Jessica Ashley, not me.  I was taught by a ruthless, oppressive patriarchal system not to hit women.  Which is probably saying all sorts of regressive and prejudiced things of me, but then again: I don’t hit women.

Moe Lane