Tim Tebow moves one step closer to MLB.

Apparently the Mets liked what they saw: “Tim Tebow’s foray into professional baseball is going to get a lot more challenging Sunday when the erstwhile quarterback and New York Mets outfield prospect reports to the Arizona Fall League, a circuit reserved for elite prospects on the doorstep of the major leagues.”  If he does well there, Tebow may be playing for the Mets as a 30 year old rookie next year.  …Dude’s had an interesting career, huh?

Hey, Tim Tebow’s reportedly heading back to the NFL.

Gonna play for the Eagles:

The Eagles are reportedly set to sign quarterback Tim Tebow Monday as they begin their offseason workout program, according to FOX Sports NFL Insider Jay Glazer.

The team is convinced he’s improved a lot and will keep him as their fourth QB on the roster for the offseason program, according to the report.

This will undoubtedly infuriate a lot of people who typically call football ‘American football’ because to call soccer ‘soccer’ is apparently a travesty. Personally, I never could quite figure out just why he engenders such a harsh reaction from various elements of the Left. I mean, I know that the “committed Christian” thing was and is provocative to that sort, but it still seemed a bit over-the-top. Maybe it was the way that he got a team in the cellar to the playoffs? – Some people do so hate to see other people do well.

Eh. The guy may not even play all that much this year anyway.

Tim Tebow to play for Patriots.

…Oh, that’s gonna be great for the eventual sports movie.

A few days after New England coach Bill Belichick said he didn’t actually hate former Jets/Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, the Patriots apparently are intent on proving it.

That’s because the Patriots reportedly are signing Tebow to a contract, according to ESPN’s Ed Werder. The team expects Tebow to be at minicamp by Tuesday.

Patriots. That’s perfect.

An inevitable Tebow-themed post.

Allahpundit says something interesting here about Tim Tebow:

I like him because I like underdogs and because he plays with heart even though he’s far from being a top-tier QB — far enough, I think, that he probably won’t be a starter for long.

Now, I don’t follow football all that thoroughly, and even when I was more interested in it I was never as into it as my little sister was and is (to be fair, she knows the game).  But… taking a 1-4 team and leading them to a playoff slot may or may not make somebody top-tier, but surely it allows for a certain amount of job security, yes?

I am cheerfully certain that I will now have it explained to me why the answer is actually quite often ‘no.’ Fair enough.

Are we… living in a sports movie? [UPDATED]

Let’s review the evidence:

  • The Broncos go 1-4 in their first five games, putting them in the cellar and making it look completely unlikely that they’d make the playoffs.
  • They bring in Tim Tebow, a devout Christian and controversial choice.  For example, lot of people keep noting that he can’t throw passes.
  • Tebow wins one!
  • Tebow loses one.
  • Tebow then wins six in a row!  The words ‘Divine intervention’ and ‘No f*cking WAY’ are often heard in the background, as typically Tebow keeps winning by somehow ripping victory from the jaws of defeat in the fourth quarter. Continue reading Are we… living in a sports movie? [UPDATED]

Tim Tebow keeps making the right kinds of enemies.

You know, I don’t even watch football and I’ve gotten into the habit of checking out what the final score was for the Broncos game.  Because every time Tim Tebow gets the win and thanks Jesus and the team for it, somebody goes entertainingly nuts about the former.

Latest example:

(Via The Right Scoop and The Radio Equalizer)  I figure that eventually Tim Tebow will lose another game, although thanks to him the Broncos are in a heck of a better position for a playoff slot, which is I believe is the crazy hope that they had when they made him starting QB.  And when that day comes, I will be largely grateful that I am not, say, Bill Press in the video above: largely because the video above causes me to suspect that Press may be incapable of sustaining a useful erection sans a constant obsession of just how badly he hates unabashed Christians.

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