So… according to Time’s liberal/conservative quiz, it all comes down to American exceptionalism.

As in, whether you believe in it.  Background: Time Magazine’s done one of those admittedly heavily unscientific quizzes that promises to peg your ideology with no more than twelve, count ’em, twelve questions.  Anyway, it’s going around, and I took it… to discover that I’m 63% liberal.  Which is weird: sure, I’m a squishy moderate and everything, but still.

Then I realized that I had screwed up this question:

I wish the world did not have nations or borders and we were all part of one big group.

The answer, of course, was supposed to be Hell, no*.  I firmly take the position that the United States of America makes a perfect world hegemon because none of us WANT the goram job; we just want to keep all those wild-eyed enthusiasts out there from getting the job – and in the process, presuming to think that they can tell us what to do. That never ends well**. Continue reading So… according to Time’s liberal/conservative quiz, it all comes down to American exceptionalism.

#rsrh Time and The Guy Who Came Up With Facebook.

Ed Morrissey and Jim Geraghty are both looking slightly askance at Time Magazine’s choice for Man of the Year – or is it Person of the Year, at this point?  I can’t wait for human-level AI/First Contact with an alien species/successful Uplift: we’re going to have a whole new bunch of speech nannies nagging us for our anthropomorphic* prejudices.

Anyway, the problem here is that Time picked the Guy Who Came Up With Facebook, which is [really killer analogy deleted here as being highly unfair to the Guy Who Came Up With Facebook**].  I’m unsure why Ed and Jim – or heck, me – cares that much about the whole thing, though.  After all, Time is using this annual ‘award’ to try to sell magazines; if you’re looking for cogent analysis of individual impact on the world culture, keep on going.

Personally, I would have picked this year to choose ‘You’ for M/PotY.  At least, in this country.

Moe Lane

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Time visits objective reality on North Korean nuclear test.

If you’re wondering why this Time article (“North Korean Nuke Test: What Good Is Diplomacy?“) sounds, well, sensible, take a look at the byline:

Bill Powell/Tokyo

It’s amazing how being somewhere that the lunatics in North Korea can easily hit with a nuclear weapon can clarify the mind. Although I am forced to point this out to Mr. Powell: his “usually very well-informed intelligence source in east Asia” may not have seen this coming, but John Bolton predicted it last week. Legal Insurrection is waiting to see whether anybody who criticized Mr. Bolton for that op-ed is going to retract, apologize, or correct their statements now.

Legal Insurrection will probably have a long wait.

Moe Lane

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