Happy McFlyday Eve!

Tomorrow, of course, is the anniversary of the first deliberate, controlled time travel event involving a human specimen. And he even made it back! …Eventually.

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South American Diving River Elephants [Timewatch].

Blame this.


South American Diving River Elephants

(This writeup is meant for use with the TimeWatch RPG.)

Stats: as per Mastodon (pg. 161), with the addition of Oracle (1) and Psychic (Mind-Reading) (2)

Well, of course you’ve never heard of them.  They’re not just extinct; they never existed in the first place.  When Timewatch came across these critters, they were already close to dying out on their own – seriously, who thought that a species of five-ton animals could be evolutionarily suited for diving into piranha-infested waters? – so naturally the organization grabbed all the Diving Elephants that they could, on the principle that it didn’t matter, right?  And then they went back further in time, and grabbed all of those Diving Elephants, and then they did it again, and again, and eventually TimeWatch decided to eat the temporal instability and simply grabbed the species from the start, thus preventing Diving Elephants from meeting their dubious destiny with applied evolution at all. Continue reading South American Diving River Elephants [Timewatch].

Tachyon* Tagger [GURPS 4E, Timewatch]

Tachyon Tagger – Google Docs

Tachyon* Tagger [GURPS 4E, Timewatch]

A Tachyon Tagger typically looks like a small wand.  When pointed at something else, the Tagger irradiates the target with a stable particles that travel backwards in time.  This means, effectively, that any scanners that can detect these particles will be able to track down the item in the past. The exact ‘frequency**’ of these particles can be specifically set, allowing for only someone with the right ‘signature’ to track the item; or it can be set to be detectable by all scanners. Either way: the temporal range for these particles is about two thousand years before they decay, and most scanners will only be able to pick them up within a thirty mile range.  Amusingly, the user has to jump back in time in order to confirm that the Tagger worked: this device cannot be used to track an item into the future. Continue reading Tachyon* Tagger [GURPS 4E, Timewatch]

Eddie Peasantsbane. [TimeWatch]

I have gotten the word that the TimeWatch folks don’t mind free fan-based stuff, so: enjoy.  Obviously: this dude is a time traveler, he’s designed to be a pain in the neck, and he’s blissfully unaware of just how much of a disaster he’s being. Enjoy!

Eddie Peasantsbane

TimeWatch ranks this rogue jumper as being somewhere between a nuisance and a problem; strictly speaking, he’s definitely a problem – but Eddie Peasantsbane is far too useful as a Horrible Example, and as a reason to stamp down on human beings with intrinsic time-jumping abilities.  He is, in fact, the literal poster child for the campaign to report and register all humans who don’t need an autochron to time-travel. All of this, paradoxically enough, gives Eddie Peasantsbane just a little bit more leeway in which to operate.  Not that he realizes that.

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